The Science

Face Yoga: The Science

“Rain beats a leopard’s skin, but it does not wash out the spots.”

~Akan proverb~

The true history of yoga is often debated, some people say that yoga originated in India some 5,000 years ago. Some say that yoga goes further back to the temples of Kemet (ancient Egypt). Either way the goal of Yoga(Sami), is self-discipline and self -realization. The same holds true to face yoga, the ultimate goal of face yoga, is self- discipline, and self- realization, by moving the face muscles, and by committing to the exercises, by being self-disciplined, and by recognizing the power of “self” we will see a major difference in our lives, we will see the changes not only physically, but mentally as well.

Circulation and the Skin

As we age our skins metabolism slows down, much like other areas of the body. In order to keep and increase the metabolism of the skin, good circulation is the key.

Moving the face promotes better circulation, and more oxygen flow, and makes it easier for nutrients, to reach the top layer of the skin. When the proper nutrients reach the top layer of the skin, the results are more radiant, softer, beautiful looking skin.

Here is a Before/After photo of a Face Yoga Method Student. The first photo is before face yoga, and the second photo is after doing face yoga. This thermographic photo shows the increase in circulation in this students face.

How face muscles work: Use them or lose them

If you do not use your muscles, you lose them. That’s just the nature of muscles! There are almost 60 muscles in the face. Specifically, research shows there are varying amounts up to 60. And those 60ish face muscles are very busy, getting a daily workout, as we’re talking, chewing, smiling, laughing, frowning, and kissing.

Question: How often do you pay attention to the repetitive facial movements you make? It’s critical to understand how you are using your face muscles so that you do not get unwanted wrinkles! Face Yoga is powerful because it makes you aware of your “bad” habits, and teaches you the proper way to use your facial muscles, so that you do not need to worry about unwanted facial lines.

The facial muscles that control facial expressions are delicate, small, fine and flat. We move our facial muscles often unconsciously throughout the day, and as a result, the overlying skin begins to form a visible line or indentation, even when the face is not moving.

Over time, this leads to wrinkles. With face yoga facial lines can be softened and decreased-or even vanish- when the facial muscles are relaxed, and their movements corrected.

We can become aware of our mimetic movements and correct and prevent unwanted facial sagging, double chins, Turkey neck. Just by adjusting your posture when using your phone (see below), and computer will help prevent the fastest growing plastic surgery amongst young people “Tech Neck”.

By practicing Sankofa Face Yoga, we can exercise the muscles in our face and neck, increase blood circulation, lift our spirits, self -esteem, grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.


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